Pradhan Rasesh Pravinbhai

Pradhan Rasesh Pravinbhai

Ww6iTplQn9k-1.jpgMaster Degree program student.

– Tell a few words about yourself: where do you come from? Why did you decide to choose MIET?

– My name is Rasesh Pradhan, I'm from India. I chose MIET because it fits in perfectly with my career aims, I also like the approach this university takes to my course and also because it is a large university, I would like to be a part of a diverse student body. The world is an evolving place and joining a university like MIET will boost my abilities and will make me skillful for the real world.

What was your previous education (Bachelor Degree / Master Degree) why did you decide to choose this program? What do the students study here?

I have completed Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now I'm pursuing Master Degree in Information Technology. I decided that because this program will give me variety of career opportunities, and I have my personal interest in this field. This course allow us to decide our own interest in programing language so we learn advance Database Management System, Python and we also study management, personality development and much more.

Is it difficult to live in Russia without knowing the Russian language? Do your friends help you?

No, you cannot normally live in Russia just by speaking English. Very few people here speak English. In supermarket, bank, restaurants, and everywhere you have to speak Russian. People here expect foreigners to speak Russian. But don't worry – learning basic Russian is not that difficult, basic Russian helps me a lot. Eventually I have learned more Russian from local friends.

Is the training hard? What is the most difficult?

As all student find studies hard and difficult I sometimes find myself that training is hard but thanks to supportive professors they make our studies more interesting and more fun. For me the most difficult is to read in the Russian language.

What is the relationship with professors like?

Excellent support for laboratory training, good lab facilities, experienced and intellectual faculty members with deep subjective knowledge it's an awesome and excellent learning experience in MIET.

Does study in MIET meet your expectations?

Being the student of MIET I find myself very privileged as we get friendly environment between faculties and professors; there are well-equipped laboratories in every department, we have more than 10000 books in our library and they are updated in every subjects.

Which subjects do you like the most?

All subjects are very interesting. I like all but my favorite is programing language. Apart from excellent teaching process we enjoy a lot participation in various indoor and outdoor sports activity which have organized in our vibrant campus.

How will this Master Degree Program influence your career in the future?

Getting a Master Degree helps me gaining specialized knowledge to advance in my field, it's easier to get more senior position, significantly increase my earning, it also helps me to improve my researching, writing and analyzing skill.

Would you recommend this program to the future students?

Absolutely yes, because it provides good structure for better programming practice. I learned a lot of new and better ways of doing things and the study us good, detailed and well-organized organized.

What are your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve?

This University provides very good career opportunities as there is a wide scope for placement.