Anton Datsuk

Anton Datsuk

2004 graduate, scientist at IHP Company Datsuk.jpg

– Tell a few words about yourself: where do you come from? Why did you decide to choose MIET?

– I was born in Moscow.At the age of three years old my family decided to relocate to Zelenograd. On completing the high school I had a choice between MSU Biological faculty and MIET. As location of MIET was closer comparing to MSU, and my family and I lived in the Zelenograd for that moment I decided to continue my education at MIET. I considered two options for my further study: the Faculty of Microdevices and Engineering Cybernetics and theFaculty of Electronics and Computer Technology. The Faculty of Microdevices and engineering cybernetics (now Institute of Microdevices and Control Systems)had high passing scores and I wasn`t the best pupil at school so I decided to be on the safe side and applied for the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technology (now Institute of Nano- and Microsystem Technology).

– After graduating from Bachelor Degree you decided to enter Master Degree program, opened together with Cadence. What guided you when choosing the program: promising profession or personal preferences?

– I graduated the very first Cadence Master Program in MIET. It was a great opportunity to learn Cadence software and a chance to be selected for future internship at Cadence. For this, however, one should get into the top three and have a great motivation during the interview. My first goal was to enter the group. Being within the top three, I did not even dream, as I was quite an average student during the first two years. As you know, only those students were enrolled for the course who could manage to get through the finals with the highest notes.I did managed to get excellent notes during the third year without even knowing about establishing Cadence course at MIET. I was offered to join the program and I was happy to accept the opportunity. I did my best to get in the top three and two year later I was rewarded for my efforts and hired by Cadence.

– Tell us a little about this program: what do students study there?

– It is mostly circuits design based on Cadence tools, Unix environment and basic knowledge of SKILL programming.

– What were your first memories after becoming a freshman?

– Well, I have to tell the truth that the first year was tough enough for me. Every upcoming day resembled me the previous one: attending University, coming back home, having something to eat and doing homework. To have some mental rest I played soccer. This game always helped me to be fit. I am still playing soccer now for one of the German's team. I remember quite well our teacher Aleksandr Klyushin, it took me three attempts to pass higher mathematics exam let along his colloquiums. So, it was really tough.

– How have these difficulties affected your future life?

– Personally I realized that the main University`s goal is to teach how to learn. If one realizes this, he'll be able to find any required information to achieve the goal. That`s all that matters. Secondly, being a professional doesn`t mean getting excellent notes, but rather constantly improve yourself on. The human potential is limitless, so it's impossible to reach a point of no growth. Only this way one can become a professional.

– Did you have a favorite subject?

– Besides soccer training it was theory of electro-physics, despite the fact that it was a complicated topic, and circuit design. What is very surprising – on my first and second years I had programming lessons, which I didn`t enjoy much, but eventually I became a programmer. For this I'm very thankful to Cadence team for sharing their experience with me.

Do you keep in touch with the professors?

– Sure, I constantly keep in touch with the professors. This year I successfully managed to defend my Ph.D at MIET. By the way, MIET will hold a conference ElConRus – 2020 soon, which I would like to attend. My work specific requires to publish at least one IEEE paper a year so this is a perfect opportunity for me to mix business with pleasure.

– It is known that MIET has an active student life. Did you take part in university activities?

– Oh no, I was far from it, I was more into sports. And in my spare time I did a part time job as I needed an additional profit.

Where do you work now? Are you satisfied with your career?

– Currently I work for IHP. This is a microelectronic fabric located in Germany. IHP performs research and development in the fields of silicon-germanium based systems, highest-frequency integrated circuits, and technologies for wireless and broadband communication. I am really pleased with my career. Inever had a clear understanding of my career path, but Cadence played a key role for me. When you have an experience of working foran American company the head hunters start treating you differently.So, you have a better chance to get a position of your dream.

– What would you like to wish the future generation of graduates of this program?

–I`d wish all the students to get an internship at Cadence or at similar companies like Mentor Graphics, Synopsis, NXP.This is an incredible experience which I'm quite sure would help them making their life more interesting and more secure. I must admit that working there is somehow a challenge as you work to the point of exhaustion but there is never an end to the journey of self improvement!