Zaid Rafiq

Zaid Rafiq


2019 graduate, Proto21 Company in Dubai, 3d designer

– Tell a few words about yourself. Where are you from? Why did you choose MIET ?

– My name is Zaid Rafiq. I am from Pakistan. I came to Russia for Civil Engineering program but when I was studying Russian Language in MIET I found out about the Faculty of Design. Upon research I knew it was the subject I wanted to study so I chose Industrial Design and stayed in MIET.

– You graduated from Engineering Graphics and Design Chair. Why did you decide to choose this program? What do the students study here?

– I am the graduate of Design Department as Industrial Designer. I`ve always wanted to design machines and cars and fortunately I chose the right program.

– Before taking the main program all foreign citizens, who do not speak the Russian language, must study it for one year at the preparatory course. Tell us a little about your first year in Russia. Was it difficult to live without knowledge of the Russian language? Did your friends help you?

– First year in Russia was so difficult because English is not very common. So I had to learn some basics really fast to communicate. Gladly I had the best teacher and Russian friends who helped me a lot to adapt faster.

– What did you feel when you became a freshman? Was the training hard? Was there a desire to quit?

– As a fresh student I really wanted to learn Russian faster so I can learn more about Russian culture and people. So there was no desire to quit.

– Did the study at MIET meet your expectations?

– I really enjoyed studying at MIET. The standards were different from Pakistan. I was really satisfied with the quality of teachings and management at the University.

– What subjects did you remember the most? Do you have favourite professors? Now the design institute is opening a new program “Information Systems and Technologies”. The program trains professionals in 3D modeling and animation, visual programming, video production, virtual reality technologies VR / AR / MR, IT, web, product, UX / UI specialists, designers of interactive products and systems. What do you think of this program? Is this a promising field of study?

– My favorite subject was Product Design. We had to create a product from scratch and present at the end of semester. The teacher I liked the most was Anastasia Dubova. She really helped me in my final year project and writing the report in the Russian language. The new program is really helpful in contemporary world. This program is promising because the IT is the field of future and design plays a big part in this field especially the AR/VR technology.

– What did you remember the most from being a student? Did you take part in active student events?

– The event I really enjoyed was during the training for mentorship. We went to woods for the whole day camp and training. It was really fun and a new experience for me.

– Let's talk about your career. Was it hard to find work after graduation? Did you think about doing Master Degree?

– My career is on the right path. I instantly got a job as 3D design engineer at Proto21/Joseph. I am working in the field of 3D Printing and CNC. I really enjoy my work. I haven`t thought about doing masters yet because in design I think the portfolio really matters and not the degree you take.

– What would you like to wish the future generation of graduates of this program?

– I will recommend chose one design field at the University but learn as much fields as possible. The competition is really high and you have to be all rounder to be successful these days.

– Any plans for the future? What would you like to achieve?

– I want to start my own Company which can provide all kinds of design works like Graphic Design, 3D print, CNC, Game designs and AR/VR.