Dmitriy Buyanov

Dmitriy Buyanov

Buyanov.jpg2018 graduate, Medical Computer Systems Ltd - Product & Project Manager

– Tell a few words about yourself. Where are you from? Why did you choose MIET?

– My name is Dmitriy. Long ago my ancestors lived in Russia however had to move to Moldova. So I was born in a small city Ocnita. I left one of Russian Schools thus from the very childhood I realized that I would study in Russia.

I entered the University through ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO, participated in subject olympiad in Chisinau and was admitted to one Moscow University and to MIET. I started to search information about Zelenograd and MIET. I liked that green city, beauty of MIET architecture and its programs. At that moment the choice was obvious.

– You are a graduate of the Faculty of Microdevices and Technical Cybernetics, Software Engineering program (Informatics and software computing systems) Why did you decide to choose this field?

– IT was always interesting for me, at school I did progress in computer science. I was into web programming, online games, and in general everything related to the computer. I could spend at the computer for 12 or more hours a day. All this together influenced the choice of the field of my future study.

– What did you feel when you became a freshman? Was the training hard? Was there a desire to quit?

– I have never had a desire to quit. There was a fear that I would not be able to cope with the program and would be expelled. The level of education in small cities and in the capital is very different. The first course was difficult for me. This is also due to the fact that I joined all the student movements of the university that were provided, took an active part there. As a result I could sleep only several hours a day. If it were not for my friends who helped to learn the material and understanding professors, I would never write these lines.

– How did the study at the University influence your life approach?

– I found my wife and friends here, I moved my parents to Zelenograd, I encouraged my brother to enter MIET and began to value relations between people more. I began to travel round the world, felt like an independent person. To some extent, I realized for myself how to learn and learn material in a short time.

– Did the study at MIET meet your expectations?

– Frankly speaking, expectations from studying at a university were met 100%.

– What subjects did you remember the most? Do you have favourite professors?

– During the training there were many memorable stories. I would not want to single out professors, each of them was interesting and left trace in my memory. Best of all, I remember how I got through “Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms” to Igor Kozhukhov. I retook all his subjects. I loved and admired him as a professor, but I never succeeded in passing his subjects at the first try. I retook Logic about 10 times, came to him several times a week. Once, at one such retake, professor Kozhukhov treated everyone with apples. Among the elder students there were jokes that if you managed to pass the mathematical logic to professor Kozhukhov, then you could say you graduated from high school. The feeling of relief and euphoria that I received after passing the exam cannot be described with any words.

– What did you remember the most from being a student? Did you take part in active student events?

– During the first two courses at the university I actively participated in the student life. I was a correspondent on student television, held events as a host and organizer, participated in a camp counselors squad, went to national competitions, student self-government forums, etc.

– Let's talk about your career. Was it hard to find work after graduation? Did you think about doing Master Degree?

– After I reduced my participation in the student life of the university, I began to build my career, looking for an interesting and well-paid job. One of my first works was the technical support of sporting events, we worked together with my friend from Kazakhstan and a classmate. Our job was to provide timing systems for national sporting events. It was a huge responsibility. Every weekend we flew to a new city, the sports results of hundreds of people depended on us. The work allowed us to visit many cities of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. This work gave us a huge emotional charge.

In the fourth year of university, I got a job in a company manufacturing medical equipment. We produce equipment for electroencephalography, electrocardiography, custom equipment, supply it to the markets of Europe, Asia and America. Therefore, often in our office you can meet and talk with biomedical engineers and biomedicine specialists from all around the world. I liked the work, but lacked a medical engineering base. I wanted to be a useful employee, for this I entered the magistracy at the Institute of Biomedical Systems. I work near the university, so it's close and convenient for me to go to studies. Training and work on the profile combine well and help me become a good specialist. I am satisfied with my studies at the magistracy, I study with much more responsibility than at the bachelor's program. I think many of my Bachelor degree professors would be surprised at this fact.

– What would you like to wish the future generation of graduates of this program?

– For current students, I wish to achieve a balance between study, work, hobbies and friends. Do not forget why you entered the university. Get a job as early as possible, but don't neglect your studies. A meaningful study at the university combined with work will allow you to master basic and new technologies. This will make it possible to become a qualified and demanded employee.

– Any plans for the future? What would you like to achieve?

–My path is just beginning. There are a lot of plans. Now I am writing a thesis on the topic of a device for tissue and cerebral oximetry. In 2020, I must graduate from the magistracy. I like what I do and the place where I work. I would like to continue developing the device for its subsequent sale on the markets of Russia and Europe. I would like to grow as a qualified employee, go to international conferences and exhibitions, share experience with colleagues from all over the world. I would like to take postgraduate education in order to combine knowledge from the university and work. Much is yet to come.