Yanis Vasiliadis

Yanis Vasiliadis

0arulhruLFY-1.jpg2018 graduate, Master Ddegree Student

– Tell a little about yourself. Where are you from? Why did you decide to enter MIET?

– I came from Moldova. Actually, when considering my future education I did not have particular preferences except I knew that it will be connected with IT. I found MIET by accident but after visiting this University I realized that it was good for me and I didn`t apply anywhere else.

– Are you a graduate of the Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT), Software Engineering program? Why did you decide to choose this field of study?

– Since the very childhood I was into programming. At the time I was taking Bachelor Degree, Software Engineering was a very promising program cause it was focused on programming. I must admit that even nowadays it is a very advanced program as graduates can find job in many technical spheres.

– What did you feel when you became a freshman? Was the training hard? There was no desire to quit?

– Frankly speaking the first term was a challenge: many subjects, many professors, many events, a lot of homework, exams, colloquiums. But after a year if you manage to keep pace, the rest of study seems normal. Anyway, when you enter the University you must be prepared to study hard, so being busy is not a surprise.

– How did studying at the university affect your attitude to life?

– I learned how to be independent. At the University everything is quite simple: if you need it, you do it. Also living in the dormitory taught me a lot. You know, it is cool to live independently but you also have to accept new responsibilities. That was an interesting experience in my life.

– Did your expectations from studying at the university come true?

– I have never liked questions like that. First of all I am still studying – taking Master Degree. However, I am satisfied with my choice. I hope I manage to take everything that MIET offers me.

– What is particularly memorable from the subjects? Do you have favorite professors?

– I think that I went on well with all professors that were at my program. I would not like to stand out someone particular, I can definitely say that I have learned something from all of them and I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet with the professors of this program.

– What is the most memorable of the student life? Have you actively participated in the university events?

– For two or three years I was in the students union. There I found a lot of friends and useful acquaintances. Active participation of students` events let me understand how the great organizational machine works. I think that this extra knowledge will help me in the future.

– What about your career? Are you satisfied with what you are doing now? If you decide to continue your studies at the magistracy, tell us why.

– I did some part-time job during my Bachelor Degree. But now I am focused on my Master`s Degree. I want to finish my education and then see what I can do in the future.

– Would you recommend something to our current students?

– Try to understand what you want from the study and never neglect self education: keep a finger on the pulse.

– Plans for the future. What do you want to achieve?

– That is not very surprising: good job, good income and good friends! And it is impossible without new knowledge! So being in progress – that is my plan!